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Make a donation

With your contribution we can guarantee the sustainability and continuity of the project.

Collaborate, all your help will go to the center for girls and boys with disabilities.

You will offer training, help and guidance service to the families of these girls and boys.

You will help develop the capacities of children, you will guarantee their basic needs: health, education and training.

You will promote integration throughout the community by giving visibility to disability, promoting inclusive school and organizing inclusive activities.


SOLIDARIOS CON ARUA – ARUA ELKATASUNA has the recognition of the Government of Navarra to be eligible to benefit from the Social Patronage program.

All donations made to the NGO Solidarios con Arua – Arua Elkartasuna are tax deductible on the income statement. For the first € 150 donated, the Treasury returns 80% and 35% from that amount.

For example, if the total of all donations is € 250 in a year, for the first 150 the Treasury returns € 120 and for the other 100 € 35 is deducted, returning a total of € 155.