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Solidarios con Arua – Arua Elkartasuna is an NGO with its registered office in Burlada and has carried out awareness-raising activities in that town, as well as in neighboring towns of the Pamplona Region. It works exclusively in the West Nile region in northern Uganda.

Solidarios con Arua – Arua Elkartasuna has about thirty numerary members.

Ongoing projects:

  • Vura Music Project: project that we present to this call for cooperation and that exists since 2014.
  • Maternal and Child Clinic at the Mission Moyo Health Center: construction of a new block within the health center complex to care for mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth.
  • Scholarships to students: identification of students of professional or university training, especially if they are women, with problems of economic solvency but with a remarkable attitude towards studies that would otherwise leave them.

Social development solidarity projects in the former region are the priority objective for SOLIDARIOS CON ARUA-ARUA ELKARTASUNA. It is about developing a twinning with the inhabitants of Arua that, through training projects, allows us to collaborate in their integral development, so that the people of Arua are the architects of their own development snd not imposed by external factors. The necessary work to prepare the projects and their presentation to the different institutions is voluntary by the partners of the NGO, so all the funds collected by the partners of the mentioned NGO, as well as the ones got through the institutions, go fully and directly to the projects carried out in Arua.

The projects carried out since 1991 are many and mainly impact on the disadvantaged groups, such as women, youth and students who have had to leave their studies due to a lack of money.